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1. Weatherproof Anti-Carbonation Coatings

Untreated concrete and masonry are vulnerable to the damaging ingress of carbon dioxide, water and chlorides. This can lead to structural damage, safety issues and expensive maintenance and repair work.

Flexcrete have developed the MONODEX range of weatherproof anti-carbonation coatings to address these problems and give cost-effective long-term structural protection from environmental damage.

2. High Performance Hygiene Coatings for Walls and Ceilings

Hygienic protection is a major concern for food and drink manufacturers, kitchens, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and operators in the leisure industry.

Meeting demanding new hygiene regulations and customer demands for the highest standards of cleanliness requires a hygienic operating environment as well as sterile equipment and hygiene focused methods and procedures.

Flexcrete’s BIODEX range of high performance hygiene coatings for walls and ceilings have been specially manufactured to meet the needs of all hygiene sensitive environments. They are resin-rich biostatic membranes which use the very latest encapsulated biocide technology to give zero leaching into the surrounding environment, whilst at the same time, being totally safe to use.

3. Anti-Corrosion & Pipelines

Drawing on knowledge of the difficulties experienced primarily in the water, oil and gas industries in guaranteeing durable protection for pipelines, and supported by research undertaken by some of the world’s leading oil companies, Flexcrete Technologies Limited has perfected thin film cementitious coating technology specifically designed to respond to industry demands.

This is a major advancement in coating technology, incorporating the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin chemistry into water-based cementitious systems, suitable for application in the most demanding environments, providing tough, long-term protection of steel.

These ‘stand alone’ products are applied direct to ferrous metals, chemically reacting to provide anti-corrosion protection. They cure to form a dense barrier to keep out the fuels for corrosion without the need for a special priming system.

The properties achieved include ultra low permeability and diffusion resistance to oxygen and other gasses whilst creating a barrier to the ingress of chlorides.

This technology is not, however, confined to corrosion protection for steel pipelines. Given that the formulations are cement-based, a homogeneous bond is achieved to concrete surfaces, making it the ideal choice for the protection of precast concrete sections which may otherwise be susceptible to damaging corrosion of the reinforcement or pre-stressing wires.

Cemprotec E942 has significant advantages over conventional pipeline coatings, such as fusion bonded epoxies, three-layer polyolefins and liquid epoxies (including coal tar).

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